Edwardsville, IL, October 10, 2017 –(PR.com)– A new smartphone purse with touch-screen capabilities has been designed by Tami Lange, self-described mother of five. Lange designed the purse after many mishaps. Between her and her three teen-age and young adult daughters, one phone was lost at a sporting event, one on a horseback ride, one was washed in the back pocket of a pair of jeans, and two smartphones ended up in the toilet. Lange noticed that she and others had started using their “girls” as phone holders, “which may not be safe either,” said Lange. “We use our phones continually throughout the day. We need a way for them to comfortably stay with us in a safe location.” The purses Lange has developed are small, cross-body or clutch purses, with a touch-screen backing. This makes it convenient to send a quick text, answer calls, read emails or Facebook through the backside of the purse. With the purse resting against you, the screen is not even noticeable, Lange said. Lange sourced factories and designs ideas from the internet. She traveled overseas to find materials and a purse factory that would make her line.

People were amazed at the model purse she used during her travels, Lange said. She knew she was on to something big. “Other travelers continually asked about my purse. They saw me texting, making calls, and even showing a potential taxi driver where I wanted to go, all while my phone was secure in my purse.” The attention the purse brought made her realize just how popular her product would be if she could just communicate how convenient her design really is, Lange said. The business name is “Save the Girls.” The tongue-in-check name was developed to show there is now a different, safe and convenient place to store your phone. Lange’s innovative purses can be found at savethegirls.com and are available in many colors and styles. There is even a special coupon code: Promotion20 which gives a 20% discount. The entrepreneurial Lange enthused, “You know, it’s the perfect Christmas gift for women of all ages!”

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