CommonOffice was selected as CIO magazine’s #1 HRIS Software for Most Promising HR Tech Solutions Provider in 2022

NEW YORK, NY, May 24, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — An effective human resource information system (HRIS) should be a canvas for HR managers to create the best painting for their organization,” says Hooman Menshari,

As companies foray into a new realm of talent management and retention in a post-pandemic world, a smart HR tool is emerging as a way to make a great first impression on new employees. With a robust and personalized HRIS, HR leaders can be in full control of their operations, better manage a workforce, and make key business decisions in a matter of minutes.

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CommonOffice was selected as CIO magazine’s #1 HRIS Software for Most Promising HR Tech Solutions Provider in 2022.

Advocating for this solution, CommonOffice, a premier provider of HR solutions that are tailored to the needs of all of their clients.

A dynamic one-stop HR shop, CommonOffice offers cloud-based software that is designed to align with the changing HR landscape. With hybrid and remote work environments becoming the new norm, it offers affordable HRIS that can fully integrate clients’ HR information with payroll, ERP, CRM, and their internal systems.

Delivering Value through Innovation
CommonOffice has a wide array of features, including employee applicant tracking, e-onboarding, e-signature, performance management, attendance tracking, and e-learning, under one umbrella, facilitating synchronous and automatic management of all HRIS modules.

Organizations can automatically post jobs on multiple platforms, such as Indeed and LinkedIn, through a single click of a button using CommonOffice’s applicant tracking feature. Talent managers can receive resumes from job seekers in a centralized manner, where AI selects the best candidates and automatically filters out undesirable applications. In addition, by clicking a button, a background check will be initiated and instantly sent to an outside vendor for processing.

Using the software, HR teams can communicate with new candidates, create a sense of curiosity and excitement about the role, and set up interviews. With a press of a button, HR coordinators can create an offer letter for candidates, add salary and benefits, and send it for the new employee’s e-signature.

Based on a new hire’s role, CommonOffice HRIS creates steps to onboard them, instructs them to read policies, agree to benefits, and fill out various forms and documents. CommonOffice leverages the e-learning module, integrated with the e-onboarding module, to instantly assign courses on security, harassment, or any customized course to new employees. It can also be used to suggest strategic workforce decisions and report HR information analytically to senior management. If an employee has applied for life insurance and benefits, HR can forward the application directly to the insurance company. The CommonOffice HRIS helps HR teams gather employees’ timesheets, expenses, vacation data, and other required information and forward it to the payroll software.

“A modern HR manager needs to wear multiple hats, playing the role of a talent manager, performance manager, benefits manager, and recruitment manager. With our end-to-end, self-service software loaded with comprehensive features, we deliver unparalleled services and enhance employee experiences,” says Stephen Kors.

CommonOffice’s HR system creates career goals for employees, organizes their future objectives, and provides weekly coaching to help organizations attract, develop, and retain a workforce that is ready for the future.

With an outstanding user interface, it makes the life of HR professionals a lot easier. CommonOffice also offers tools for agile careers while using its e-learning software to build a dynamic skills foundation and personalized learning to foster growth. HR managers can utilize skill-based reports to optimize talent and ensure employees are equipped to meet evolving business demands. It helps users create PivotTable and graphs to ensure accurate reporting of data.

Quality, Flexibility, and Convenience Guaranteed
CommonOffice HRIS has been instrumental in streamlining HR operations for numerous organizations. In one instance, it partnered with one of North America’s largest hospitals and customized its HRIS software.

By leveraging its applicant tracking software, the client could successfully filter out thousands of unwanted resumes and select the perfect communication tool to interview or hire the ideal candidate. By utilizing onboarding and e-signature features, the client can now successfully welcome 500 new employees per year. The HR tasks are minimized from a matter of hours to a matter of minutes. The new healthcare worker will now go through 30 different customized e-learning courses to adequately prepare prior to their start in the hospital.

To assist clients in the best possible way, CommonOffice has partnered with more than 50 organizations, including payroll, background checks, job sites, and insurance companies. Its ability to deploy various HRIS modules to optimize clients’ HR operations is transformational.

Behind CommonOffice’s robust capabilities is its super agile workforce focused on delivering value to clients through its fast and highly scalable HRIS. The software is mobile, allowing HR professionals and employees to access the information from anywhere, anytime, and share it with externally partnered organizations with ease.

Listening intently to customers is CommonOffice’s recipe for success. The team has been continually reinventing and scaling its cutting-edge solution to cater to the evolving needs of its global clientele. Backed by progressive-thinking, enthusiastic professionals, CommonOffice has created over 18 HRIS modules in the last few years. It will continue to strike the chord of innovation, driving an era of innovative, global human capital management.

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