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SHENZHEN, CHINA, December 03, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Mileseey, the highly sought-after brand of electronic measurement tools, announced the launch of the groundbreaking D9 Pro laser measure that features industry-first visual aligning indicator. The bilateral aligning laser indicator is more than an analogy of the green laser line featured on Mileseey DTX10 and T1 Tomahawk that shows fast and accurate alignment to measuring points, but offers a powerful and unprecedented measuring solution to hard-to-reach areas.

The groundbreaking tool designed to bring every touch of your spatial design vision into reality is now available on Kickstarter:

The D9 Pro stands apart as the world’s first premium-grade laser measure that integrates bilateral visual aligning indicator. At the core of the visual aligning indicator are the Dual-Luminance Quantum Diodes (DLQD) and EchelonGaze Collimation Prism (EGCP) specifically engineered for the D9 Pro, which project dual horizontal reference laser lines that are razor sharp(less than 1mm) and ultra visible, with a line extension of over 33ft.

“The game-changing visual aligning indicator not only offers a fast and accurate visual guide for alignment of reference points in tricky areas, and effectively aids in line marking, but unprecedentedly allows professionals and DIY enthusiasts to indirectly measure distances in hard-to-reach areas without physically climbing the ladders,” says Mileseey’s chief designer, Tommy Young.

“While we have rocked the accuracy game of laser measurement and have taken the capability of our laser measurement tools to an unprecedented level, our user-centric product innovation never stops,” Tommy added. “Professionals and DIY enthusiasts oftentimes struggle to align their laser measures, especially on irregular surfaces and in capturing reference points in inaccessible areas. This gives us impetus to fine-tune the precision and elevate the capability of laser measurement tools further through product innovation.”

Like using a tape measure, humans are prone to errors when manually aligning the measuring device with measuring points and a small alignment error can lead to significant discrepancies of measurement results. The visual aligning indicator makes alignment and marking a breeze, taking measuring efficiency, accuracy, and ease to another level, and making it a perfect tool in home decoration or renovation projects where precise aligning and marking tasks are needed in numerous critical tasks.

The D9 Pro is also built for easy indoor measurement of inaccessible areas with comprehensive measuring solutions and features. The aligning laser extends up to 30ft, easily capturing the hard-to-reach edges of beams, frames, and ceilings, making indirect measurement possible by integrating the laser measurement with the extended aligning laser.

Measuring for inaccessible areas is complemented with the distinguished point-to-point (P2P) measuring technology driven by the built-in Intellipivot™, allowing users to measure the length between any two points from one remote location. The cutting-edge Intellipivot™ makes D9 Pro the exclusive model that rivals the S910, the most advanced model of Leica Geosystems that enables accurate P2P measurement without a tripod while avoiding extortionate pricing.

“The D9 Pro embodies our consistent commitments in product innovation,” Tommy emphasized, “This is seen by the unique feature of the live angle display alongside the visual aligning indicator.” The feature shows a live angle display in your angle measurement on any surface—vertical, titled, or horizontal, giving you real-time dynamic feedback of the angle in your angle measurement. Say goodbye to the days of reading the mundane and static numbers of angle value. The modern approach brings a more intuitive and engaging measuring experience.

Range and accuracy are paramount for a laser measure, and D9 Pro is no exception. Capitalizing on the newly developed patented PowerBurst & PowerChirp (PB & PC) technology driven by leading-edge sensor chip, the D9 Pro offers a measuring range boosted to 330ft and an extreme accuracy of up to +/- 1/16″ thanks to the PB & PC technology. A comprehensive 18 fundamental and advanced measuring modes—more than any other models in the markets, cater to all the critical calculations in complex and demanding interior design and home improvement projects.

The D9 Pro also sets itself apart as a design marvel, with a meticulously engineered smooth and uniform magnesium-aluminum alloy finish, showcasing timeless aesthetics, perfect for those who prioritize the appeal of measurement tools to express a more professional image.

The unprecedented product innovation is further complemented by various user-friendly design features— a 2.4″ touch screen for more intuitive operation, a flashlight for optimal visibility in dim environments, and a built-in magnetic strip for quick grip and access.

“The D9 Pro is engineered not simply for redefining your space, but redefining your life,” says Jore, the CEO of Mileseey Technology.

The D9 Pro can be pre-ordered now on Kickstarter with special pricing for early supporters. Learn more here:

Integrating R & D, manufacturing, and customer support, Mileseey comes as a global leader in the intelligent laser measurement industry, with over 15 years of perseverance and ingenuity in the field. Capitalizing on our cutting-edge Optomechatronics technology, Mileseey aims to provide increasingly intelligent and efficient measuring solutions for both industrial engineering and everyday life.

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