The renowned author Dr. Rainer Zitelmann visited the Agri Terra Group in Paraguay again this year, as he did last year. The Berlin historian presented his new book The 10 Fallacies of the Anti-Capitalists, which is now also available in Spanish.

ASUNCION, PARAGUAY, December 03, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — As in the previous year, the Agri Terra Group organized a lunch followed by Rainer Zitelmann’s lecture to an illustrious circle of guests from the Paraguayan business and political world.

“I am a big fan of Dr. Zitelmann and have read many of his books,” said Carsten Pfau, founder and Managing Director of Agri Terra. “We were delighted to organize this event, which was once again very well attended. The guests certainly enjoyed the lecture,” continues Pfau.
In conservative Paraguay, Zitelmann finds an open ear for his lectures and his books, which advocate a free-market economy and a capitalist social structure. As in the previous year, the exclusively rented posh restaurant in the heart of Asunción was packed with high-ranking representatives from politics and business.

“A free-market economy is the key to success and prosperity, as Dr. Zitelmann very skillfully demonstrates in his inimitable way in his books,” said Carsten Pfau, whose group of companies is now regarded as a South American powerhouse. Pfau himself once turned his back on Germany in the 1990s and emigrated to Paraguay with very modest means, but has since achieved considerable prosperity there. “I like the historian’s approach,” says the German-Paraguayan entrepreneur, “it simply reflects and analyzes historical facts, it’s not about ideology. It’s about facts” enthuses Pfau about Zitelmann’s books. Carsten Pfau’s well-known television program Libres para Elegir devoted a separate segment to Rainer Zitelmann’s visit.

The newly elected Argentinian President Javier Milei – who was a cast member and panelist of Pfau’s television program two years ago – is also a fan of Rainer Zitelmann. “Carsten (Pfau) had given Mr. Milei my book Capitalism is not the problem, but the solution, and as he himself said in an interview, he had read it with great interest,” said Zitelmann during his lecture in Asunción.

In Paraguay, however, it is hoped that the German author will visit Asunción again next year.

About Carsten Pfau

Carsten Pfau is an entrepreneur and investor. Born in Swabia, he grew up in Bielefeld. He studied business administration at the University of Mannheim, specialising in banking and finance. In his second degree, he studied law and maths. He speaks five languages fluently. Paraguay has been his main place of residence since 1996; he also lives in Austria and Hong Kong.

With his companies, Carsten Pfau is one of the top 1% of all entrepreneurs in Paraguay. He is the third largest grower of oranges and other citrus fruits and a leading operator of greenhouse complexes for fruit and vegetable cultivation. His portfolio also includes large-scale properties (EcoVita Country Club in Nueva Italia, Aldera and Terra Tower in Asunción), organic supermarkets, a fresh juice producer, a mineral water source and one of the country’s largest fruit and vegetable wholesalers.

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