Wilmington, DE, December 21, 2017 –(PR.com)– How important is phone number lookup? According to GoLookUp, an information website, it is extremely important. GoLookUp believes that everyone should use their reverse phone lookup and background check services. Here is why:

Many people in the United States use dating websites and dating apps; GoLookUp believes their users empower themselves with knowing as many details as possible about the person they go on a date with. There is an alarming increase in criminal cases and offenses involving dates that were matched online.

GoLookUp wants to create a safer, better environment for anyone who interacts with new people on a daily, monthly or even yearly basis.

How exactly does GoLookUp phone number tool reveal so much about the phone number owner?

GoLookUp offers more than just a reverse phone lookup. Users who use GoLookUp and search for a phone number, a person’s name, an address, or even an email; get a very detailed, in depth report about the individual’s information. This includes: Background Check, Arrest Records, Criminal Records, Marriage and Divorce Records, Traffic Citations, Unclaimed Money and Much more. GoLookUp’s system is so advance that it goes as far as revealing online activities, phone number carrier, phone number location and address and a lot more. Users with GoLookUp, enjoy unlimited searches with their account as well.

How does the GoLookUp system work?

After entering the digits of the number that is been looked for, GoLookUp performs a cross national carrier analysis and matches the correct owner’s information from hundreds of millions of records. After the owner’s information is approved by the user, GoLookUp continues to unlock relevant records to owner’s information. This includes an in-depth background check that reveals the owner’s registered and un-registered history.

GoLookUp encourages anyone that uses the internet to register for a free trial account try its services. Furthermore, GoLookUp offers 100% money back guarantee and customer service support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Searching on Google is not enough when looking for detailed, important information. Simplifying people records and making people search easy, that is what GoLookUp website and platform is built on.

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