Rochester Hills, MI, March 15, 2018 –(– While the weather is not conducive to conjuring up images of sunshine and green grass, homeowners should start thinking about what they need to do to prepare their lawns for when that warm weather finally arrives.

Lush Lawn advises homeowners to consider raking their lawns to remove some of the thatch build up that are the result of dying or dead grass lying on top of the potential new growth. Be careful not to rake too deeply, as you can harm and injure the new growth underneath the thatch, causing additional harm to your lawn.

Scheduling a spring aeration is also recommended as aerations help to improve air flow into your soil, providing the needed nutrients your grass roots require to grow healthy and green.

It is also recommended that homeowners test their soil pH balance in order to ensure that the proper treatment and fertilizers are being provided. Lush Lawn’s soil testing process is backed 100% by science, sending out soil test to a third-party laboratory for processing. Once the results come back, Lush Lawn is able to provide homeowners with a customized soil treatment plan that will make sure the soil’s pH balance is at the optimal level for growth.

Adhering to a dedicated schedule of services for weeds and fertilization will also contribute to the health of a lawn. Weeds are not only an eyesore, but if left untreated, they are also competing with the actual grass for space and nutrients. This can lead to extensive damage to the turf, so Lush Lawn recommends that homeowners invest in a lawn care treatment program.

Finally, it is very important for homeowners to make sure they are scheduling when their lawns are being watered. Southeast Michigan has encountered several drought summers in the past few years, so to maintain the health and growth of the lawn, watering properly is critical. Lush Lawn provides an exclusive service that deals with drought conditions, their Water Maximizer treatment that extends the water life in lawns during dry and hot summer days.

Spring is right around the corner, and so it is time to start planning for those spring months and preparing your lawn for a great season. Lush Lawn has several comprehensive lawn care programs in place to address all of the above situations, including aeration and especially soil testing. Find out more about Lush Lawn by visiting or calling 866-668-5296.

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