101 Hemp creates hemp-based products to help with pain and anxiety. In the latest episode of their “Miracle Plant” podcast, they discuss Dr. Sula Benet’s evidence of hemp use in Old and New Testament times.

VENTURA, CA, February 24, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — The Bible references “kaneh bosm,” which is often translated as an aromatic reed, but Dr. Sula Benet argued that this is a reference to hemp. In an interview for the Miracle Plant podcast, 101 Hemp CEO Justin Benton explores Benet’s evidence for hemp as a holy oil used by both Jesus and Moses.

Justin Benton founded 101 Hemp and the Miracle Plant podcast after seeing how hemp improved his son’s health. While nothing else helped his son’s severe neurological condition, the raw form of hemp (CBDa) had a transformative effect. Benton is now a leading creator of CBDa products, including sublingual drops, creams, and roll-ons for pain and anxiety. He is also one of the country’s biggest advocates for the therapeutic power of CBDa.

Prior to his podcast featuring Dr. Benet’s research, Benton polled his podcast listeners about kaneh bosm, finding that 100% had never heard the term. The hemp-themed podcast provides a deep dive into Benet’s assertion that kaneh bosm refers to hemp, which was used in holy anointing oil in ancient Jewish religious rites.

Dr. Benet was a Polish anthropologist who received her PhD from Columbia University. She believed that hemp had been neglected in scientific literature for too long. Benton discusses Benet’s groundbreaking article, “The Early Diffusion and Folk Uses of Hemp,” and shares research to support that the plant was used by Moses and Jesus for anointing and healing.

During her lifetime (1903 to 1982), Benet argued that the demonization of cannabis is a recent construct and that hemp has been celebrated in ancient cultures for thousands of years. Benton discusses Benet’s findings on the medicinal properties of hemp, which he refers to as the “Miracle Plant.” He also explores its possibilities for addressing various modern health challenges and improving well-being.

“I feel fortunate to be part of a growing army of hemp supporters who are discovering the countless benefits of hemp oil. We hear from customers every day who are sick of medications and their side effects. They want a natural solution, and they’re finding it with hemp,” said Benton.

The Miracle Plant podcast episode is called “Uncovering the Mysteries of Kaneh Bosm: A Holy Plant for Spiritual and Physical Healing.” To learn more about 101 Hemp and their mission to leverage the therapeutic properties of hemp oil to heal others, visit 101Hemp.org.

101 Hemp provides high-quality hemp-based products. Their CBD oil is proven effective to improve physical and mental health.

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