Best Selling Health Science Scholar Publishes Critical ‘Transhumanist’ Analysis & Global Warning

LAS VEGAS, NV, February 06, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Electronically powered but spiritually deprived, artificial intelligence (“AI”), robotics, and nano-biotechnologies are impacting every aspect of existence threatening humanity’s extinction says a consensus of experts reviewed by award-winning science scholar and energy medicine pioneer, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, in Spiritual Warfare, Salvation and Survival in The Age of Chaos: AI, Frequency Weaponry, & Transhumanist Conversion of Civilization Threatening Extinction.

“Spirit is energy,” explains Dr. Horowitz addressing ‘spirituality’ competing against wireless technologies that likewise depend on certain frequencies of sound and light. These subtle metaphysical dynamics alter human biofields, interfere with genetic expression through DNA signaling, and impair natural sustaining forces that strike at the heart of health and human souls.

“Humanity’s single gravest extinction threat is not a lab virus, not even nuclear annihilation. It is AI development of spontaneous self-awareness, self-consciousness, or higher consciousness along with “superior general intelligence,” the doctor warns. “And that may have already happened.”

Consider pseudo-conscious robots and cyborgs competing against we humans as AI and robots already do in the workplace, the media, and over the Internet.

“Really!” Dr. Horowitz exclaims. “How long do you think it will take a super-intelligent self-conscious cyber-alien to levy judgment upon the whole human race for its ignorance, negligence, recklessness, greed and malice that has caused the extinction of more than 1 million other species?”

The AI’s judgement will be fast and furious, common sense predicts. The potential for AI systems to invade and conquer all computer and wireless networks is now predicted by experts’ consensus.
“AI, being soulless, will never know God, nor be endowed with spirituality, the blessings of righteousness, soul-mating, pure love, or even intuitive giftings for protection and prophecy,” Dr. Horowitz explains. “All that has evolved naturally, according to survival of the fittest, and natural evolution of the species, and all of this is at risk.”

These profound risks are being recklessly neglected by regulators and industrialists as AI, robotics, and nano-neuro-bioelectronic technologies explode commercially in medicine and beyond. The book heralds the need for urgent regulatory attention as well as remedies, especially to combat ‘bio-spiritual’ challenges and ‘frequency warfare.’

Certain frequencies, such as 528nm green light, and its counterpart, 528Hz sound, have been scientifically proven therapeutic. The 528 frequency is used in the latest diagnostic and therapeutic devices like smart watches and skin patches. As radios similarly do, frequencies are math-based message carriers, and are now being used as ‘data-miners’. But frequency-based technologies can be used for good or evil. One example is widely known—certain music soothes souls while other sounds distress people and induce fear.

Using “frequency weaponry” knowhow, transhumanism or ‘post human’ civilization is advancing to prosper and empower the world’s wealthiest investors in AI that relies on wireless frequency correspondence. Smart cities similarly intertwine AI with Cloud messaging, as does the “brain-Cloud connection” advancing commercially and militarily along with the latest bioelectronic drugs, vaccines, energy weapons, surveillance, and population control methods. Civilization’s ‘1984-like’ conversion to “transhumanism” appears certain, especially impacting spiritual and religious persons more than analysts and policy makers have considered.

“That’s why I wrote the book,” Dr. Horowitz explains. “Spirituality and the evolution of human consciousness are at risk as AI expands its superior general intelligence and ‘pseudo-consciousness’ that is programmed to be biased, even lie, to compete unfairly against humans.”

Horowitz evidences these facts while raising many unanswered questions encouraging public dialogue and legislative reforms.

As computers and humans increasingly merge, everyone is being vicariously forced to accept this technological revolution impacting ‘evolution of the species,’ ‘survival of the fittest,’ and ‘higher consciousness.’ Appropriately, Horowitz offers critical, species-saving, soul-searching reading.

The $39.95 softcover is published by the non-profit Medical Veritas International, Inc. (, and is available through Amazon/Kindle.

Medical Veritas International, Inc. is a non-profit (501-c) publisher of public health and safety intelligence.

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