Innovative 3D ARC Tech. makes shoes extremely breathable and comfortable, you can wear everywhere for traveling, daily life and working

NEW YORK, NY, February 07, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — This January, Yoo’s Inspiration, a company that focuses on developing and creating shoes made of EVA material that are comfortable when walking or just standing, just launched its first campaign with a product called ‘NEO GRANDE’ on the global crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter.

Not everyone can wear the same pair of shoes because everyone has different foot shapes and gait. It’s not easy to find your perfect pair of shoes especially when you wear them every day. Shoes are bent in different shapes when you wear them for long time. And putting pressure on specific parts of the foot will cause pain and discomfort too. As a result, it is important to wear ergonomically designed shoes because your foot shape can actually change if constant pressure is continuously applied to the foot.

NEO GRANDE uses self-developed technology called, ‘3D ARC Tech’ to offer the most comfortable fit with great breathability and soft insole cushions. ‘3D ARC Tech’ uses ergonomic innovation that combines multiple layers of curved surfaces in three dimensions to most comfortably support your foot joint.

The cloud-like convex exterior is aesthetically appealing while the inner surface has the same structure with extra coziness. When walking, the contour of the shoes gently bends to the exact position of the instep which reduces pressure on the instep and providing great comfort. Also, the extra space inside the shoes make sure that the feet doesn’t feel tired or cramped even after wearing for an extended period of time.

‘NEO GRANDE’ shoes are not only great for outdoor activities that include travel and camping, but also great for daily wear for offices, hospitals, and kitchens. The shoes are made with an eco-friendly material called EVA, also known as Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. The material is super lightweight, durable, and does not absorb water so it has the advantage of quickly drying. Also, the material used in these shoes are odorless and easy to clean so that you can always keep your shoes clean without stains or any odors.

One of the benefits of these shoes is that the density of the EVA material can be adjusted according to the use of the shoes. This is why ‘NEO GRANDE’ can protect against any external impact while offering a feather-like comfort in the inside of the shoes.

The heel height is around 3cm, or 1.18 inches. This height is usually considered as the most comfortable heel height for most people. The height of the shoes should be comfortable enough to wear all day and should minimize any foot fatigue even if you stand up for a long time. The shoes will also prevent from a pulled calf muscle because it will absorb the weight of your body. The elasticity of the EVA material will bounce off any external impacts, so your feet are always protected and snug around the shoes.

‘NEO GRANDE’ provides functionality with extended options to the inside, bottom, and side of the shoes. The inner surface of the shoes is specially coated to provide comfy textures. The overall fit becomes much softer if you add your own cushion insole inside the shoes. Inserting an insole will adjust to your personal fit as well. ‘NEO GRANDE’ uses a non-slip outsole with high adhesion that will prevent you from slipping on wet floors and rainy days.

The three-dimensionally designed ventilation holes keep rain and other debris from entering into the shoes while allowing air to pass through. ‘NEO GRANDE’ 3D structure works like air pumps that lets the shoes breathe when you walk. The inner spaces formed with this structure shrink and expand that generates a natural ventilation so that your feet can stay fresh all the time.

‘NEO GRANDE’ is now available at a discounted price on Kickstarter. More details can be found on their Kickstarter page.

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