Among the winners, Korean businesses received a total of 141 innovation awards, accounting for 28.3% of the total.

LOS ANGELES, CA, January 06, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) that hosts CES has pre-assessed the entries and awarded the CES 2023 Innovation Awards to high-quality products in terms of technology and design.

For this year’s CES, organizations such as Korea Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Development, Seoul Business Agency, and Seoul Digital Foundation set up the K-Startup Joint Pavilion for 51 Korean innovators, with 14 of them winning in the CES 2023 Innovation Awards.

The award is presented by the organizer, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), to recognize innovative products after evaluating the products and technology of participants in advance of the exhibition. The CTA announced the winners of a total of 499 awards selected across 28 categories on the 16th of last month (local time).

Among the winners, Korean businesses received a total of 141 innovation awards, accounting for 28.3% of the total. The participants in the K-Startup Joint Pavilion received 17 awards in the areas of bio and healthcare, manufacturing, mobility, ESG, data, and others. The businesses, products, and technologies that took part in the K-Startup Joint Pavilion and received the CES award are listed below:

• DNA Corporation (genomic data analytic and ADHD diagnosis service “ADHD BANK”) • SEVENPOINTONE (Contact-free AI cognitive ability test solution “AlzWIN”) • InHandPlus (AI smartwatch-based medication management solution) • Smartooth Korea (home oral monitoring device “Smartooth”) • Algocare (AI-based real-time 1:1 custom nutrition management service “NaaS”) • Becon (home scalp care service “WithBecon”), a total of six from the bio and healthcare area

• RAONARK (instant locking technology to eliminate security vulnerabilities, unhackable smart safety loop, motionless handle door lock powered by fully automated mortise) • Artificial intelligence modular robot arm “HUENIT” • Curing Innos (customizable personal AI tennis robot “iVOLVE Trainer”), a total of five from the manufacturing area

• Evar (mobile electric vehicle charging system VMC, automated EV-charging robot “Parky”) • AU (in-cabin passenger detection radar) • Mars Auto (autonomous driving system for trucks “Mars Pilot”), a total of four from the mobility area

In addition, AirDeep (AI indoor air quality meter “AirDeep – Home,” ESG field) and inDJ (AI music recommendation platform, digital field) won awards as well.

By far, the most award winners are from the bio and healthcare sector. Among them, DNA Corporation and SEVENPOINTONE showcased solutions that use AI technology to diagnose user genomic data and cognitive abilities to prevent and improve child ADHD and dementia. They have been highly acclaimed as an alternative to respond to the recent rapid progression of aging in the population and the growing trend of childhood ADHD.

InHandPlus, Smartooth Korea, and Becon have been characterized by synergies generated from a combination of hardware and software optimized for their respective uses. Another winner of the award, Algocare, was recognized for its solution that helps users manage and maintain their health, joining the rank of businesses who focus on satisfying the demand for simple and effective home care.

The runner-up sector by comparison, which secured five innovation awards, is the manufacturing area featuring smart technology and smartlock series that are representative of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Three innovation awards were won, which is the highest number of awards in the K-Startup Joint Pavilion. Also, Huenit and Curing Innos were recognized for their excellence in their fusion of robotic skills and functions centered on improving the quality of human life.

In the field of mobility, Evar and Mars Auto under the themes of “electric vehicles” and “autonomous driving,” which represent the mobility market trends for both the present and the future, won awards. They were well-received in proposing the possibility of solving the remaining challenges in the industry by realizing fast charging for electric vehicles and autonomous driving for heavy vehicles. AU also received an award by demonstrating their sensor technology to effectively prevent safety incidents that can occur to anyone with mobility problems.

At the same time, AirDeep was acclaimed for introducing AI and Internet of Things (IoT) technology to help improve air quality, which is the hottest topic regarding the global environment. Another award went to inDJ, which has implemented the ultra-personalization of playlists by handling a much larger amount of user preference data than traditional AI-based music recommendation platforms.

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