Phenyx Pro unveils the new PWB-P bodypack transmitter to their Digital Portable (PDP) Series, specifically, PDP-1/2 wireless microphone series. These affordable digital wireless microphone systems are user-friendly and have a compact design.

SAN DIEGO, CA, December 30, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — As you know, 2023 is about to end and people are welcoming this festive season. So, Phenyx Pro introduced the new wireless microphone series to music lovers that will make connections through music during these memorable days even easier. This December, we’ve expanded our Digital Portable (PDP) Series, specifically, PDP-1/2 wireless microphone series by adding a bodypack transmitter, rounding out this special microphone family designed for portable audio solutions, ideal for performances on the go.

The PDP wireless series is notable for its affordable digital-sounding experience. It features a sleek, compact design for convenience and flexibility. The biggest advantage is its digital circuitry. It provides a different sound experience than analog systems. You will get good signal security, spectrum efficiency, and sound quality. This Microphone Series offers affordable digital sounding. Hence, the product is suitable for DJs, karaoke enthusiasts, hosts, church bands, and vloggers to use.

The new series has two configurations: The PDP-1 (single-channel) and PDP-2 (dual-channel). Both are available with either 800MHz or 900MHz frequency options. Additionally, the series offers two different transmitters: Bodypack and handheld transmitters. This gives you the flexibility to choose the right equipment for different events.

Innovative features

Robust sounding experience – The PDP Portable Wireless Microphone Series boasts a 48 kHz/24-bit high-resolution sampling rate and a minimal 2.5ms delay in digital audio transmission. This advanced technology ensures the reproduction of crisp, pure sound, accurately capturing your original voice without the distortion and noise artifacts common in inferior analog wireless microphone systems.

Take advantage of multiset freedom – The new series comes with tunable 800MHz/900MHz UHF frequency. Also, it avoids congested 2.4GHz and 500MHz bands. The digital circuitry allows several wireless microphone systems to operate at the same time. It supports up to 5 sets (800MHz-band versions) and up to 15 sets (900MHz-band versions). It doesn’t interfere with the RF’s signal. When used within an appropriate range, the unit can provide around 60m/200ft coverage.

Plug-and-play hookup – The PDP-1/2 configurations have an automatic syncing feature. This gives you trouble-free sync. To set up, turn the receiver on and activate the transmitters. Next, make a connection with the receiver with the ¼ inch TS connector.

Durable and portable – The receiver has a rechargeable 1500mAh battery. It can provide 12 hours of performance for PDP-1 configuration. And, about 5.5 hours for PDP-2 configuration. The Type-C universal charging port allows for easy, quick charging anywhere and anytime.

Flexible and versatile – The handheld mic comes with a dynamic, classic cardioid capsule. It captures your voice with reduced background noise. Whereas the bodypack transmitter allows you to send sound through a lapel or headset mic via a mini 3-pin XLR jack. From small-scale events to karaoke, these options meet various settings.

Easy controls – The handheld microphone and the bodypack transmitter come with simple controls. You can mute the mic or choose your favorite frequency with a single tap, making it easy and seamless to use.

Elegant and convenient – The PDP wireless series boasts a lightweight and compact design. You can carry it around with ease anywhere, anytime. The bodypack, mini receiver, and handheld mic have a durable metal construction. Also, they have a slim titanium silver finish that blends elegance and durability.

About Phenyx Pro

Phenyx Pro has empowered music and sound professionals around the world with its high-quality audio equipment. Striving to provide effective and easy-to-use audio solutions, the company leverages the newest additions to audio technology to address the diverse sound and music requirements of musicians, audio enthusiasts, and sound developers.

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