Neo2_autotrading_software-300x106Our team is delighted to review this hot on the market software. The pearl in binary options trading systems, with outstanding winning rate. Probably you are already interested about our conclusion, but read our review carefully to find out all the best aspects about NEO2 also known as NEO2 Square. If you are sick of using scam services, this is perfect solution for you.

It’s not only one person who stay behind this, but combination of four individuals. Who start work together and created something extraordinary.

Please meet all four creators:

  • Jack Piers, PhD. The founder of NEO2. A person who not only take a part in binary options industry, also he fights for better feature as a Climate Forecasting Expert. Cleaner, better Earth.
  • Michael Freeman, the legendary person, who knows binary options industry better than anyone. His YouTube channel is one of the biggest in the industry, providing professional information and advice. He use his knowledge about day by day trading, to help create the best software so far.
  • William Van Loon, NEO2 Chief Financial Officer/Investor, who has tested this software as one of the first person involved in this project. So he is sure, that product is perfect.
  • Mr. Amit Gupta, Lead Programmer and the President of NEO2. He use his knowledge and experience to design such as easy to use software and what is more important – profitable.

The best automated system must be very accurate in collecting data, to produce signals before optimal price can change. That’s why NEO2 Auto Trading is based on the concept, of using trading algorithms and integrating Solar Trading and Weather Forecasting. By monitoring all of this in one time, it can identify trends, and predict in which direction price could move.

Many auto traders on the market use only technical analysis or free indicators from Meta Trader 4, which results of very poor signals strength and quality. But NEO2 works differently. All you need to do, is go to members panel and take 3 steps to start trading:

  1. Press Sync button which activates the Solar Tracker,
  2. Trade Algo Button which is activating auto-pilot mode,
  3. When everything is activate, just press ‘START NOW’ and auto trading is enabled.

Our team tested this software for more than a month. If you are looking for automated system, which can achieve a steady winning rate of 80%-86% this is a perfect solution for you. When we saw first time NEO2 we didn’t expected, that it is designed using brand new concept. This software is extremely good.

So far the software is free for all (only needs broker’s deposit), but after contacting with creators, we find out sad thing. That in the near future, this great App won’t be for free and all new members need to pay a joining fee, even for a trial version. Which may be even few thousands of dollars. The reason for this is, that software will be available only on KickStarter platform. So far we don’t have any specific date of this, but when we get any official date, we will let you know straight away. So you can still enjoy 100% free registration. But be quick, because it could finish soon.