XyloLearn is an educational app designed for kids 0-4 years old that helps kids learn new facts while having fun.

During the past year, digital learning has become more important than ever for kids of all ages. As schools have closed, parents have had to become part-time teachers, helping their kids learn from home. Even as the pandemic has started to slow down in some places, online learning has changed the possibilities for education. XyloLearn is a new digital learning app that harnesses this wave of digital learning technology to make learning fun for kids.

With XyloLearn, learning about any topic can be fun! The app is designed for toddlers ages 0-4 and includes fun facts and lessons on the basics of many different categories. As they watch and interact with fun animations, kids can learn important facts about the world around them through categories like fruits, vegetables, numbers, and shapes. With colorful, fun scenes and rhymes, XyloLearn will keep kids engaged and excited about learning.

For busy parents, XyloLearn is a great way to give kids a fun activity, while also encouraging their love of learning at an early age. Learning doesn’t have to be a chore or an endless battle to teach your kid skills like reading and basic math! XyloLearn turns learning into a fun xylophone-themed game. 

Many parents are concerned about the time kids spend on mindless apps and games, but XyloLearn turns kids’ screen time into an important educational opportunity. Kids will learn to love learning and treat each lesson like a new adventure. XyloLearn gets kids excited about learning at an early age, letting them explore their creativity while expanding their knowledge. 

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